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Learning Dutch is undoubtedly great as it offers you lots of opportunities. Apart from English and German, Dutch is the most spoken German language. Therefore, learning this language offers you a chance to communicate with a lot of individuals. For anyone that wants to live permanently or enjoy their short stay in the Netherlands, proficiency in Dutch Lessons Eindhoven comes in handy. Although there are various locations in this country where you can learn Dutch, Eindhoven seems to be the perfect place for various good reasons.

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Why Should You Learn Dutch in Eindhoven?

Foremost, Eindhoven is a metropolitan city with tons of individuals from all parts of the world. As a cosmopolitan city, the city has always served as a confluence of people of different backgrounds. Therefore, Eindhoven is the ideal spot for anyone that wants to learn this awesome language.

Similarly, this city offers everyone the perfect experience of city life as it is filled with so many awesome amenities. It is one of the best spots for work, educations, and vacations in the whole country. The residents of this amazing city are also highly welcoming. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that it is one of the favorite places that people consider when learning Dutch. In fact, if you want to obtain your permanent residence permit or Dutch passport, learning Dutch is a great way to start the process.

Typically, most people in the Netherlands can communicate fluently in English. However, living or doing business in the country goes beyond basic communication. You want to ensure that you are able to communicate with the locals in a way that shows that you are capable of blending into the culture and traditions of the place. Also, speaking the Dutch language with the locals creates a special kind of impression that can play a pivotal role in opening the doors of various opportunities for you. Therefore, you should consider Dutch Lessons Eindhoven for seamlessly learning the Dutch language with the aid of our excellent and fun-filled teaching method.

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Awesome Facts about the Dutch Language

  1. It is one of the most communicated Germanic Languages

There are over 24 million people around the world that Dutch is considered as their first language. In addition, there are a handful of people that speak the language as their second language. This shows that the Dutch language is a widely spoken language among lots of individuals, especially in the Netherlands. The language is also known as the third most spoken Germanic language around the world. Notably, English and German are only Germanic languages that are spoken by more people across the globe. With more people coming into the country and more individuals picking up the Dutch language as their second language, the number of speakers of the language can only increase over the next few years.

  1. Lots of its slangs are derived from the Hebrew

Due to the religious resistance of the Netherlands, it is not surprising that there are tons of people from other parts of the world in this country. Chiefs among these foreigners are Jews. As a result of the influence of the presence of Jews in the country, several slangs that are as parts of the Dutch language today are from Hebrew. Some of the common Hebrew-derived slangs include tof, genig, and mazzel.

  1. It is believed to be the mother of various dialects

According to some antiquarians, lots of other dialects originated from the Dutch language. It is believed that the seventeenth century witnessed a widespread of the Dutch colonization. Resultantly, lots of nations learned some parts of our language. Although their understanding of the language was not complete, they learned enough to influence their dialects. A good example of this is the fact that about 500,000 individuals speak Dutch in Suriname.

  1. It is expressed as “Dutch”, not “Deutsch”

While expressing the word “Dutch”, lots of English speakers have the tendency of using the word “Deutsch”. In the Middle ages, the two words meant “language of the general population”. Although these two words are from the dialects of two different countries, there was no phonetic contrast between them. However, even today, lots of people still express “Dutch” as “Deutch”.

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Why You Should Join Dutch Lessons Eindhoven?

There are different schools that are offering Dutch lessons; however, Dutch Lesson Eindhoven stands out for a few reasons which include:

  • Experienced, local teachers

Whether you are sitting for the Civic Integration Exam or merely learning to have a grasp of the language, you can rest assured that you will be taught by local teachers. Our teachers have a vast experience in teaching various students irrespective of their previous knowledge of the Dutch language.

  • Dynamic and special teaching method

By using our top-notch teaching method, we make sure that our teachers teach each student in a simple, engaging yet understandable way. Also, our “Simple Dutch” book serves as the bedrock of our classes. This book makes it easy and quick for each student to learn the language.

  • A wide of classes for different people

Dutch Lessons Eindhoven offers a wide range of classes for different individuals. We provide an opportunity for you to join our Dutch class so that you can be a part of a group of others that are learning the Dutch language. This Dutch class does not only allow you to have a complete grasp of the Dutch language but it also creates an interesting atmosphere that enables you to connect with other students. As you are learning and making new friends in the class, you can also widen your knowledge of the cultures and experiences of the other students.

If you would prefer our tutors to teach you alone at your convenience, you can take advantage of our exceptional Dutch private lessons in Eindhoven. These private lessons are available across different levels of learning Dutch.

At Dutch Lessons Eindhoven, we realize that the work, academic loads, and other schedules of some people may not allow them to come to our school for the Dutch lessons. Therefore, we have taken the time to create Dutch Skype lessons for the interested student. From the comfort of your home, you can join this online class and learn everything you need to improve your knowledge of the Dutch language.

Each student can access their Student Dashboard for a wide range of resources, exercises, learning apps and others that can improve their overall learning experience.

  • Various levels of courses

The first level is our A1 level which is designed to help you have a basic understanding of the Dutch language. It is categorized into three steps which consist of spoken and online tests upon the completion of each step. This course is a must for all of our students as it allows them to have the basic knowledge of the Dutch language.

The second level is the A2 level. This level will also prepare you for job interviews in Dutch. After the step, we will assess and correct the mistakes so that you can get be fully prepared to write the Civic Integration Exam. We will offer you study materials that will improve your chance of passing this vital exam. This allows you to read and write simple Dutch, introduce yourself, distinguish between past and present tenses, have short conversations, discuss your career, and so on.

After passing the Civic Integration Exam, you can take part in our B1 and B2 levels. These levels focus on building your confidence so that you can speak the Dutch language fluently.

Similarly, we have a specialized testing method that enables us to access the knowledge of each student as well as their learning goals and needs. With this, we are able to put each student in the right class that suits their needs and make them get the most out of our classes.

  • Small classes of 10 – 12 students

To ensure that the teachers notice each student and work with them one-on-one, we keep our classes small. With about 10 to 12 students per class, everyone feels that they belong to a small community and participate in the class activities. This is an excellent way to learn attentively, improve their results, and get timely feedback from the teachers.

  • A friendly and conducive environment for learning

We strive to create a conducive, relaxed, and friendly learning environment that improves the experience of the students. The teachers know the students by their names and everyone feels like they belong to a family that allows them to learn and still have fun.

  • Great location

Dutch Lessons Eindhoven is located in an area that is easily accessible at the heart of Eindhoven. Hence, irrespective of where our students stay, they can easily access our school by car, bus, or bicycle. Accessing our class can never be a problem.

  • Students from all parts of the world

Our students are from the US, Canada, India, Japan, China, Various European Countries, Australia, Russia, Morocco, and other countries around the world. Therefore, Dutch Lessons Eindhoven offers you diversity as you learn along with other people from different backgrounds. This is an extraordinary way to have international experience, meet new people from other parts of the world, and learn more about their cultures.

  • Other value-added services

We also offer free Wi-Fi internet to all students while the classes are going on. This value-added service improves your learning experience and allows you to access various resources online. There is also our Dutch book that is meant to let you learn the language quickly and conveniently.

Learning with Dutch Lessons Eindhoven is fun, engaging, educative and helpful for everybody that wants to learn the Dutch language. Joining Dutch Lessons Eindhoven is undoubtedly the best value for your money.

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Importance of Learning Dutch

  1. Improve your chance of getting a great job

The Netherlands is a land of excellent opportunities. Families and youths have been coming into the country with the aim of improving their standard of living. The economy, climate, education, health, employment opportunities and other areas of the country are some of its strongest points. Nonetheless, you can improve your chance of getting into the country if you are going to take the Dutch courses and learn the language. Some of the jobs will prefer someone who has an understanding of the language; hence, you can boost your chance of getting a better job if you learn to speak Dutch.

  1. Get more acquainted with the locals

The locals are likely to be more open to becoming your friends if you can speak the Dutch language. Therefore, learning the language allows you to blend with the locals and learn about their culture.

  1. Communicate effectively with Dutch authorities

If you are going to be staying in the Netherlands for a long time, you will definitely have to understand and abide by the Dutch laws and regulations. Thus, you will need to communicate with Dutch authorities who are most inclined to communicate with you in Dutch. To promote effective and seamless communication, you need to learn the Dutch language.

  1. Refresh your mind

Learning is a never-ending activity. It is capable of keeping our cerebrum fresh and functional. Also, it is also great for memory. So, if you learn Dutch, you will keep your mind fresh.

  1. Dutch is a fascinating language

Dutch is distinctively different from English. Unlike English, the Dutch language doesn’t use as many vowels as English. Therefore, as you are taking Dutch Lessons Eindhoven, you will get a chance to speak the language as well as learn about its history, how its sentences and words are structured and a lot more.

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